Join the General Practice Owners Association now to support our collective voice and secure a much needed and credible national representative organisation acting solely for General Practice and Urgent Care owners.

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Who can become a member?

Membership of the Association is subject to approval by the Board and open to any entity which:

  • Is a body which supports the purposes of the Association; and
  • Is a New Zealand Contracted Provider of General Practice first contact care or urgent care, and
  • Pays the membership subscription; and
  • Is not a Crown Entity (or owned by a Crown Entity) responsible for the purchase, procurement or commissioning of such first contact care or services.

Why would you join?

General Practitioners are well represented by other agencies for clinical and professional activities, but not for matters relating to Practice ownership and sustainability

GenPro has been instrumental in creating a new Contracted Providers Caucus (the Caucus) which now leads the national arrangements for General Practice contract negotiations. GenPro provides the secretariat for the Caucus and ensures appropriate governance to underpin robust activity on your behalf.

By joining GenPro you will:

  • Be consulted (maybe for the first time) on all matters of significance for Practice Owners, e.g. PSAAP negotiations, annual contract changes; and
  • Have an agent acting directly on your behalf to challenge regulations or policies that are untenable, e.g. you will shortly start getting paid for producing Coroners Reports as a result of GenPro activity; and
  • Have access to resources you can use to secure appropriate rental income from the provision of practice space/consulting rooms to third parties (including PHOs), or negotiate increased co-payments to offset inadequate Capitation funding increases (also currently being challenged by GenPro through the ASRFI Annual Statement of Reasonable Fee Increase process) – GenPro's cost pressure model has been tested successfully by several practices; and
  • Allow GenPro to increase the level of pressure it can apply to the system at all levels.

Membership inquiry

Membership Levies

Our 2023/24 membership levy for the year commencing 1 July 2023 is 30c + GST per enrolled patient (or 8c + GST per patient visit for Urgent Care Centres). This levy recognises the growing activities and influence of the Association.

The above levies are for GenPro's core membership and exclude GenPro's optional Primary Health Care Multi-Employer Collective Agreement (PHC MECA) representation service - further details here.

Please e-mail to discuss further or to request further information.