GenPro Media Statements

June 2024 - Primary healthcare voice amplified by sector group accord. May 2024 - GPs dismayed at Te Whatu Ora claims on the future of primary care. January 2024 - Record numbers of GPs file warning notices. January 2024 – GenPro concerned that the approach to childhood immunisations is missing the point. January 2024 – Practices begin issuing Clause 14 Notices in relation to the NZNO Pay Equity Claim. October 2023 – GenPro Chair announces new Board Members. September 2023 - Next government must address serious issues in family doctor services. August 2023 - Family doctor services under significant financial pressure. August 2023 - GenPro disappointed by the comments of the Prime Minister. July 2023 - GenPro welcomes an increase in urgent care funding. June 2023 - GenPro welcomes new expert hands on the reins. June 2023 - Newly-elected GenPro chair: "We have important momentum to maintain" June 2023 - General practice leaders respond to imposed real-terms funding cut. May 2023 - Nurse pay boost announcement is premature and insulting. May 2023 - Budget will not prevent the further decline of family doctor services. May 2023 - International Nurses Day should be a cause for celebration, not disrespect. April 2023 - Nurses working in Family Doctor Services being treated with disdain. March 2023 - Access to Family Doctor Services is Reducing. March 2023 - Family Doctor Services Struggling as Hospitals Poach Nurses. November 2022 - GPLF: General Practice in jeopardy. November 2022 - How much evidence do you need, Mr Little? November 2022 - Ignored Government Review Backs Family Doctors November 2022 - General Practice Services are On the Brink. Save Your Family Doctor Service November 2022 - Re-elected GenPro chair: "We're only just getting going!" October 2022 - The Government's injection of health funding is failing to reach essential front-line services. October 2022 - New voices join the call for sustainable general practice. August 2022 - Federation of Primary Health - A gaping hole in funding for primary and community care. June 2022 - Government announces real-terms decrease in funding for essential family doctor services. June 2022 - GPLF - Stalemate as General Practice representatives express dismay at funding increase that will threaten services. May 2022 - Potential loss of Medical Association is a sad day for New Zealand’s Health Sector. April 2022 - Latest inflation figures could be the final nail in the coffin for many essential family doctor services. February 2022 - New Zealand’s COVID response is collapsing amid on-the-spot decision making. December 2021 - Omicron COVID response must be immediate, comprehensive and sustainable. December 2021 - Parliament's Regulations Review Committee agrees with GenPro's complaint about Coroners Fees. November 2021 - Over 80% of General Practices will not be offering services to support End-of-life Choice/Assisted Dying. October 2021 - GenPro Board of Directors strengthened with appointment of new elected members . August 2021 - New Caucus to lead General Practice contract negotiations. July 2021 - Localities offer a great opportunity to focus on the needs of patients, but caution is required. June 2021 - GenPro's complaint accepted by Parliament's Regulations Review Committee. March 2021 - ED pressures are the result of a vicious circle faced daily by general practice. December 2020 - GenPro calls foul on Government's funding proposal for primary health care nurses. November 2020 - Long overdue changes to general practice funding are needed to protect New Zealand's hospitals and emergency departments. November 2020 - Newly elected GenPro chair offers "hard-hitting political skills". October 2020 - GenPro members elect board of directors. October 2020 - General practice being short-changed by health funding agencies. October 2020 - The Government is blocking pay-parity for primary health care nurses. September 2020 - The "Double Whammy" of the general practice funding framework. August 2020 - The Government's COVID response plan is at risk. July 2020 - General Practice funding framework requires immediate repair. July 2020 - Health funding bodies must take note of primary health care nurses "stop work" action. July 2020 - Health and Disability System Review highlights greater need for sustainable General Practice. May 2020 - Rejection of nurses pay offer comes as “no surprise”. May 2020 - A special day to consider the future sustainability of Family Doctor services. April 2020 - Urgent care and after hours clinics in severe crisis. April 2020 - COVID-19 funding withheld. 21 April, 2020 April 2020 - GenPro launch.