Save Your Family Doctor Service

General Practice services are stretched and under threat, and people are waiting longer to see their family doctor as a result of workforce issues and underfunding.

This has mobilised New Zealand’s General Practice clinics to unite behind us to highlight the significant issues they are facing. These include underfunding, workforce shortages and increasing workloads. Combined, they are placing the future of general practice services at risk. In lots of places around New Zealand people are having to wait weeks to see their family doctor, as general practice clinics are having to reduce their hours or limit services.

The stark situation is outlined in ‘On The Brink’, a report which includes our 9-point plan setting out what is required to save family doctor services. We are asking for immediate action from the government to address this crisis and to work with us to develop a clear plan to ensure that New Zealanders will be able to rely on these essential services in the future.

Please help save your family doctor service by signing the petition below.

If you run a general practice service and would like to join us on our campaign please sign up here if you are not already a GenPro member.

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