Other GenPro Correspondence and Publications

GenPro response to Minister of Health, Andrew Little re family doctor services on the brink. 9 January, 2023 Letter from Minister of Health, Andrew Little re family doctor services on the brink. 16 December, 2022 Open letter to Minister of Health, Andrew Little re family doctor services on the brink. 21 November, 2022 On The Brink: Saving New Zealand's family doctor service. November, 2022 Te Pae Tata interim New Zealand Health Plan. October, 2022 Planned Care Taskforce: Reset and Restore Plan - September, 2022 Interim Government Policy Statement on Health 2022 - 2024. July, 2022 Reply from the Minister of Health regarding pay parity for primary care nurses - 22 April, 2022 GenPro letter to the Minister of Health regarding the serious potential consequences of increasing the pay gap for primary care nurses - 13 April, 2022 GenPro submission regarding the government's proposed Income Insurance Scheme - 11 March, 2022 The Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) Bill: Submission to the Health Select Committee - 9 December, 2021 Managing COVID in the Community: Draft pricing schedule - A response to MoH/DHBs. 24 November, 2021 The flawed Annual Statement of Reasonable Fee Increase Methodology - A GenPro prepared paper to PSAAP. 11 October, 2021 Function before form: What does my community need? - A submission to support the development of "Localities". 29 July, 2021 Localities: Let's put patients before the deck chairs... June, 2021 The Annual Reasonable Fees Increase: What, Why and How. 19 May, 2021 Dr Ashley Bloomfield e-mail to general practice re COVID-19 vaccine programme. 16 April, 2021 GenPro submission to the Regulations Review Committee relating to payment for Coroners Reports. April, 2021 ACC reply to GenPro's OIA request re UCC contract. April, 2021 Official Information Act request re ACC's Urgent Care Contract Quality Framework changes. March, 2021 A fine line for PHOs and DHBs: Ownership of general practice. March, 2021 At what cost? A business guide to support general practice service developments. October, 2020 Sustainable and viable General Practice healthcare for our next generation of New Zealanders: A virtual panel discussion and consultation. 31 July, 2020 A reflection on our COVID-19 responses: Letter to Minister for Health, June, 2020 GenPro Q & A April, 2020